Combatting Brexit, Titanic-Style

Shipping companies in Ireland are making efforts to bypass British ports. The latest in their contingency plans is the launch of a massive cargo ship dubbed ‘the Brexit buster’. Its enormous size (it is now the world’s largest roll-on roll-off short sea vessel) is meant to allow large quantities of freight to avoid the customs difficulties that are likely to accompany a hard Brexit – a creative solution to a problem that looms ever closer.

Immigration vs. Trade

Indian prime minister Narenda Modi’s recent visit to London is a strategic one for both India and the UK. While Mr Modi seeks relaxed visa terms for Indian students seeking education in the UK, Britain is looking to secure a trade agreement with India. This presents a conflict for Brexit-minded officials: will the UK have to give more visas if it wants to grow trade?

Netflix, the Rising Star of International Expansion

Netflix is riding the wave of a successful international expansion. Its overseas sales are set to surpass those of its home market, the US, in the coming months. The company has undoubtedly developed a comprehensive strategy to go global, investing in programmes in different languages and tailoring their offerings to specific locations. Their success teaches us a thing or two about the powerful effects of developing marketing strategies that cater to the intricacies of different cultures (though it’s no surprise that the love of a good Netflix binge is universal).

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