Top Tips for Expanding to France

International business expansion varies from country to country – the method and processes for expanding into a country such as Spain will be different than those required for an Italian setup, for instance.

Here, Galvin International shares their specialist knowledge about US businesses setting up in France, to educate businesses on the market and how they can best position themselves to set up their new business expansion overseas.

Entering the French Market

When entering any market, you must decide how you wish to operate – in this case, will your business in France be a separate entity of your current business, a branch of your US entity or will you simply register as an employer? Every business is different, so the correct answer will depend on your company and what you are aiming to achieve through your expansion.

Once you’ve decided how you’ll be expanding your business, the next step is to get your legal structure setup. This is a crucial and necessary step as it makes way for a vital aspect of your business – the creation of your new French payroll.

The Importance of Payroll

A functioning and efficient payroll is essential to any business, if employees are not paid on time, then the productivity of the company is sure to suffer. When setting up a business in France, you can choose to set up a Global Payroll, which uses international payroll providers to take charge of your payroll. Global Payroll can also be implemented through firms that have a link to software such as Workday.

Another payroll option would be to use a Paris compliance-based firm, which can provide payroll and other services you’ll need as well – such as creating French employment contracts, registering with the URSSAF for social security and creating health and social insurances.

Understanding Cultural Differences

Another factor to consider is the differing cultures of France and other countries such as the US – for example, it is important to note that for the French, business culture is very formal, first and last names are to be used when introducing yourself and superiors should always be addressed using Monsieur or Madame.

When thinking of how to start a business overseas, it’s all in the details and there are quite a few to consider with an expansion into a country such as France, especially when it is in a different continent and language than you are accustomed to. That is why it is imperative to understand the market before the expansion of your company takes place – this is where Galvin International can help, as an international expansion concierge that specialises in helping clients expand to France and other countries. Not only can the specialists at Galvin International help prepare you for your international business expansion by offering expert advice and custom solutions – but they will also offer practical, on-gorund support throughout the process.

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you grow your business internationally expanding into the French market and beyond.



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