Restructuring Your Business for International Expansion

Expanding your business abroad often requires significant changes to the way you run your company. You’ll need to dedicate a lot of time, money and energy to your new target market, and reorganising can help you use your resources wisely both at home and overseas. But how do you know if restructuring is right for your business? What are the most effective changes you can make for success during global growth? Here, the experts at Galvin International consider how to restructure your business during international expansion.

Decide if it’s right

While many companies restructure in an attempt to save their sinking ship, reorganisation isn’t just for businesses in dire straits. Perhaps your headquarters needs reorganisation in order to better support expansion overseas; maybe your overseas operations require restructuring to cope with additional growth. You may even be looking to downsize your international operations without cutting them out entirely – there are many scenarios in which your business may benefit from restructuring.

In addition, this restructuring can take different forms: you may need to create new departments or merge existing ones, or you may realise that your current setup isn’t maximising the potential of your talent and reorganise your employees accordingly. Ultimately, you need to determine if your company can sustain itself with its current structure, if reorganisation is realistic at present and if your expansion requires a new setup – then it’s time to figure out what that setup should be.

Develop a strategy

The key to restructuring your business for expansion lies in understanding your short- and long-term goals and creating a strategy accordingly. Are you looking to push sales in your target market? Perhaps you need a marketing team dedicated especially to your new location. Have your tax requirements become too much for an in-house team? Maybe it’s time to outsource those responsibilities and use your resources to bolster other areas of business instead. Identify your goal, then pinpoint the structural changes that can help you achieve it.

Assess your company’s talent

Sometimes, restructuring is as simple as ensuring your existing employees’ talents are being utilised to their fullest potential. Of course, you don’t want to overload your staff with responsibilities, but you should consider their skills and strengths before making changes or bringing in new faces.

Implement changes with care

Obviously, restructuring can mean instability for employees and is covered by local employment laws. This is why it’s absolutely essential that you take a careful approach when reorganising and that you follow any applicable local legislation. In practice, this usually means being clear and open with your plans for the company and your employees, communicating exactly how they affect your home base and your expansion. It also means establishing processes and protocols, and sticking to them – after all, the end goal of reorganisation is, in fact, organisation.

Consider the legal implications

The legal aspects of the situation must always be considered when making structural changes to your company. Before implementing any adjustments, you should secure legal guidance, cover employment and customer/vendor contracts and generally ensure that you understand the liabilities of any restructuring decisions you make.

Restructuring your company for international business expansion can be an overwhelming process. Whether you need a complete of your home base to support growth or you simply require some operational fine-tuning to take on overseas markets, Galvin International can help. Our business expansion concierge service not only provides you with tailored solutions for your business’s global growth, but also implements them for you. We connect you with on-ground experts to support you through every stage of the expansion process, from restructuring, to market entry, to arranging payroll and beyond. Get in touch with Galvin International today to learn how we can optimise your company and prepare you for global success.



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