Honing Your Payroll Communications Strategy During Expansion

International payroll projects have the potential to transform an organisation. They cut down on wasted time and can greatly improve efficiency and staff satisfaction, while ensuring the organisation has the right tools to further expand globally and keep its competitive edge.

However, the process of successfully implementing international payroll services needs to start with an effective communication strategy, in order to help engage all of your workforce and clarify the impacts and the benefits of your plans, while ensuring any concerns and questions are cleared up and clarified.


Global payroll services affect each part of an organisation, across all countries, in different ways, and on different timescales. Therefore, the communications strategy should start with identifying the different impacts of the new payroll on different parts of the business, so that the communication can be tailored to each one, while also retaining consistent messages, to avoid giving any contradictory information.

You should also plan how best to share your messages to each group, and who should be responsible for doing so.

Getting support

Getting the support of senior employees is key to ensuring a successful communications strategy. It means they endorse it, and can see the benefits brought by international payroll providers. You may also have to set out plans of how it’s going to be managed, its potential risks and how it fits in with the organisation’s wider, long-term plans.

Start with local payroll teams

Local payroll teams are going to be the most affected by the changes, so it’s vital they have a good understanding first. Not only will they need and want to understand how the global payroll systems will work, but also whether their job roles will be affected. They will require the most detailed communications, and it will be vital that you talk through with the teams how their role might be affected as the new system is being implemented.

Then, move on to national managers

The managers of each country you operate in, who are responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation in their country, will be impacted by the implementation of a global payroll system. Therefore, they will be concerned about how their employees will be affected, including, first and foremost, any changes to payslips. They will be accountable to their staff for this, so it’s vital they’re briefed with how to answer any follow-up concerns and queries their staff might have.

Focus on communicating the employee benefits, and reassuring managers that the risks of implementing the new systems are low, and well prepared-for.

Finish with local employees

Last on the list is local staff, who shouldn’t be too affected by changes. It’s important to assure them, however, that their pay will continue to be accurate and on-time, that they can see their payslips and access support whenever it’s required, and how to do these if any process will change.

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