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Global vs. Regional Payroll – 5 things to consider

As featured in Jan 2017's Global Payroll magazine As global payroll evolves it is increasingly becoming clear that there is no “one size fits all” solution. Finding the best global payroll approach for your organization is driven by understanding y

Save money on your global payroll – Part I

  Like all overhead functions, global payroll departments are under constant pressure to reduce their costs. This is particularly difficult for global payroll managers as they need to keep paying employees and maintaining the quality of payroll se

Save money on your global payroll – Part II

Like all overhead functions, global payroll departments are under continuing pressure to reduce their costs. This can be increasingly more difficult for global payroll managers particularly once short term, easier savings have already been made. However t

How to Retain Key Employees who move abroad

Are you losing a key employee who is moving abroad? Will they be difficult and expensive to replace? Are you frustrated at losing them when they could still work for you remotely? Did you know you can often easily retain them as employees overseas? It

Brexit: the implications for global payroll

The UK’s referendum vote to leave the European Union is certain to have very many consequences for global payroll functions, many of which are difficult to understand right now. Read this article to better understand how your business may be affected.

Does your global payroll data have a mind of its own? Start taking control now!

Payroll is all about paying the right person the right amount at the right time. Payroll teams must be in control of their data to get all these three correct, but global payroll faces unique problems. Here's how you can start to take control over your gl

Resolving issues with an overseas finance supplier

Background Our client had several major issues with a new overseas finance supplier. The issues were inaccurate monthly reporting by the country supplier, failure to complete an implementation task correctly and generally slow response times for querie

The CFO and Payroll – a personal perspective

How a CFO Feels About Payroll A CFO should regard payroll as a critical function and a top priority. After all, a payroll should be 100% correct through every pay run to maintain employee morale. Accuracy and controls are critical due to the high cost

Expanding overseas? Find out here if payroll will be a headache

If you are thinking about expanding overseas, I recommend you see how your chosen country ranks in NGA's latest Global Payroll Complexity survey. This ranks 35 leading economies, based on over 850 responses. If you are planning to expand into a countr