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We make it easy to setup legal structure overseas. Our free advice and award-winning experts will tell you which legal structure you need (if any) and arrange this for you. Our one-stop service also arranges all the other one-time and recurring compliances you need.

What Not to Do When Setting Up a Foreign Bank Account

If you’re thinking about expanding your business internationally, it’s a good idea to set up a bank account in the country you’re targeting. This overseas bank account will simplify things when you eventually have to make payroll and tax payments. H

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Russia’s Main Tax and Accounting Hurdles Explained in 10 Minutes

Russia has seen economic difficulties in recent years, with sanctions and low oil prices posing real obstacles for the country [1], but there are fundamental trends at work which make it appealing for international expansion. Consumer market growth made u

5 Ways for Americans to Navigate Tax and Accounting Issues in Canada

American businesses can see enormous opportunities in Canada. The close proximity and similar demographic makes it a natural place to begin international expansion. But you shouldn’t overestimate the similarities between Canada and the US – there are

India’s Main Tax and Accounting Hurdles Explained in 10 Minutes

India’s one of the most attractive markets your business can expand into. It’s projected to grow at 8% per year for the next two decades. It’s seeing a strong and growing consumer base buoyed up by rising income levels. There’s no doubt that India

Worried about Brexit? Should you setup an entity in the EU now?

Date of publication: Jan 27, 2017 If you trade with Europe from the UK, you are probably wondering how Brexit will affect your business. You may be considering whether you need to setup an entity in the EU now, or how else you can start to prepare. Thi