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The Emerging Markets of the Future

Expanding your business into an emerging markets carries both risks to mitigate and opportunities to grasp – and being ahead of the curve can help you to capture them. In this guide, Galvin International take a look at some of the emerging markets th

Will a Brexit Transitional Deal Protect International Business?

One of the most notable difficulties in keeping up with the UK’s shifting Brexit situation is the speed with which changes occur at home, while progress in negotiations appears to be crawling. One of the most significant developments to have emerged ove

Hiring Locally vs. Transferring Staff

When setting up a new arm of your business overseas, the staff you choose are sure to make a significant difference in whether your company thrives or languishes – but before you can even begin the hiring process, you have to decide whether you’re goi

What Do Sanctions Mean for International Business?

With the United States having recently placed new sanctions on Russia, Iran and Venezuela, it is understandable that companies intending to operate internationally may be wary. Here, Galvin International explore the impact sanctions can have on doing busi

International HR – More than Just Employment Contracts

When it comes to doing business abroad, remaining compliant in HR goes beyond drawing up a blanket employment contract. Here, Galvin International takes you through some of the most important factors in HR compliance, from issues to watch out for, to tact

Do I Need to Set Up a Legal Entity in the Face of Brexit?

It’s been a little over a year since Britain’s shock EU referendum result, and many UK businesses remain in the dark about the future of their overseas operations. Here, Galvin International explores the implications of Brexit for doing business abroa

Choosing Between Emerging and Developed Markets

In the early stages of expanding your business internationally, you’ll be faced with a number of important decisions. One of the most significant is choosing a market for your global growth. But before you can narrow your expansion down to a specific co

The Most Attractive Expansion Opportunities, By Sector

In an increasingly global business world, markets evolve and emerge constantly, with different sectors often flocking to specific countries. Keeping up with the pace of change is vital to international success, which is why we’ve put together this ha

A Start-Up’s Guide to the International Expansion Process

A Start-Up’s Guide to Going Global Building a successful start-up is a praiseworthy achievement, but there’s still a whole world of possibilities out there. Expanding your start-up internationally could be the next step you need to turn it into a m

A Start-Up’s Guide to International Expansion

As the founder of a start-up, you’re always looking for new ways to take yourbusiness to the next level. Expanding overseas could be the step you need to help your business reach its potential. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to