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Understand and Manage Foreign Currency Risks

If you are considering international expansion for your business, you’re likely to face a few risks that all revolve around one thing: foreign currency. Dealing with foreign currency can be rather confounding for the uninformed, but there are many ways

What Not to Do When Setting Up a Business in the USA

In an era of increasing globalization, more and more UK businesses are looking for lucrative expansion opportunities. The USA offers attractive prospects for any business, but the expansion process can be fraught with difficulties. Here, Galvin Internatio

The UK’s New Tax Evasion Laws

The UK’s tax evasion laws are changing. New amendments made by the government have been brought in to clamp down on tax evasion. At Galvin International, we recognise the importance of understanding changes to tax law so that your business can navigate

How to manage Foreign Currency risks when you trade overseas

  When your business trades internationally, one of the key risks you must manage is foreign currency. If you are confused about foreign currency and want to know more, this article will help you understand and manage these types of risks. It foll

A beginner’s guide to understanding foreign currency when you trade overseas

  When a business starts to trade internationally, one of the first difficulties it encounters is foreign currency. This blog explains in simple terms the most common foreign currency issues for a business trading overseas.  It will assume a low

How to manage overseas accountants and other international suppliers

A case study in how to resolve issues with an overseas accountant and other international suppliers. Our client had several major issues with a new overseas finance supplier. The issues were inaccurate monthly reporting by the country supplier, failure

What every Exporter should know about International Finance

Here’s some simple tips to help your company grow internationally while staying compliant with local finance and tax authorities. Don’t let accounting and tax issues deter you from expanding. It is not as difficult to manage them as you may think!

How to manage compliance and finance when you expand overseas

Do you have ambitions to expand your businesses overseas? I speak to many businesses in this situation and they all have one thing in common, namely they are all worried about how they will handle the increased compliance. They don’t know about the co

How to manage tax and accounting when you expand overseas

There are more than 200 countries in the world, each with unique cultures, languages and histories. However you should assume one thing for certain when you expand into any of them. Each of them will have a local tax authority waiting to scrutinise your n

How to expand internationally without increasing finance headcount

Did you know you can expand your business overseas without increasing your Finance headcount, saving you huge sums year after year? Even if you set up a major operation overseas, it is possible to meet all Finance needs and obligations without hiring